My name is Mark Loehrer, I’m a graduate student at the University of Missouri-St. Louis where I study history. This website was created to better disperse a fantastic publication, long out of print,  I feel many will enjoy reading. I ask again that you please not reproduce without written permission from article authors or the publisher’s consent. If you would like to contact the publisher you may contact me at: openarchivestl@gmail.com

I would invite you to check out my other websites:


Here you’ll find hundreds of public documents I scanned over a two year period (and still do from time to time). These documents include city plans, planning reports, demographic studies and feasibility studies for St. Louis, Cleveland and Chicago. All are public documents and within the public domain.

Additionally I have a new website, the St. Louis Postcard Project.


Here I’ve tasked myself with archiving every St. Louis postcard in existence. Many scans are from my personal collection or taken from internet auction sites. Currently there are about 500 unique postcards on the website. As time progresses I intend to introduce a new project where the public captures images of their surrounding St. Louis city or county community and submits it for the eventual creation of a new, modern postcard series.

Lastly, I would refer you to additional information on the publisher of Focus Midwest, Charles Klotzer. Currently in its infancy, the Charles Klotzer Papers–stored at the internet archives–will soon be part of a larger, more interactive multimedia experience that celebrates the life and work of Klotzer. Starting with his harrowing escape from Nazi Germany to his family’s residence in a Shanghai ghetto these papers demonstrate from a young age, Klotzer’s fascination with editing and publishing.